Sunday, July 7, 2013

6 Old Gadgets That Still are good to Buy

By SheebaSudeep

There has always been devices in the market which are still in demand irrespective of the age . They made their place in the market  for their  excellent operating systems, processors, camera and the ever admirable external design. These devices have outstood their competitors just for that memorable experience. They still dominate the market would pose to be the epic ones of their time.
Here are some of them which are still having  a good bang.

#6.Apple iPad 2

Launch price: 29,500
Current price: 22,500


Apple boasts of its iPad mentioning  that there was ‘nothing quite like it’when the ipad was launched. Even though there are two versions, the iPad 2 is the slimmest device of the either  with an 8.8mm thickness and slightly smaller surface area.  IPads are best known  among people for video and gaming, users are quite choosy  to look at its performance and speed which are the main specs to be noted.iPad 2 has a dual core 1GHz processor, which is known to double the speed and spice up graphics by nine times. Another commendable feature is the device’s 9.7 inch IPS LCD screen and also the 10 hour battery life.iPad 2 also upgrades to the latest iOS 6 version and this phenomenal battery life give no disruption in running all new apps.

#5.Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Launch price: 13,900
Current price: 9499

This Wi-Fi enabled device has one of the favorites picks  of some of the users and still stands to outstand among its other series in this list. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes as a great option for those  who wants an  7 inch tablet other than the iPad. Its classy and pleasing look from the behind along with its overall build quality also gives it an option for users to possess it.

The  device’s notable specs include its 7 inch screen that makes it easy to read data with one hand. The dual core processor clocked at 1GHz is also notable besides the operating system which is Android Jelly Bean 4.1 that gathers a strong point in this device.

#4 Nokia 808 PureView

Launch price:  33,899
Current price: 17,999

When Nokia 808 PureView was announced earlier in 2012, The attraction was the 41 MP camera sensor that made headlines all over the tech industry. It is and still stands out to be the Smartphone for imaging enthusiasts of the present.
And for all the gadget lovers who wants to know some details about its camera, first feature to note among  all is that Nokia has given this Smartphone a high point camera so that it could easily capture better quality lower resolution images. Therefore the 808 lower resolution PureView mode offers good quality, decent speed and quick responsiveness. The camera offers zooming option based on the output resolution mode you are in.

#3 Apple iPhone 4

Launch Price : 34,500
Current price 24,345

We saw a major transition in the design of iPhones with iPhone 4 coming into the limelight, beating iPhone 3GS. The device was launched in 2010 but is still seen in the market with a price tag of 25,000. what makes this phone special in the market is that  it is the cheapest one in the market right now and that Apple is also offering a cash back scheme on this device.

The iPhone4 is quite fast and offers smooth performance with its iOS. It flaunts a fantastic design and can even compete with the newest fragile Nexus. It is also a compact device and can comfortably fit into small hands without any disruption.
For those watching out on this, it is no doubt a good looking device that matches the class of the present Smartphone design without any major drawbacks.

#2 Samsung Galaxy SIII

Launch price:  43, 180
Current price : 27,500

Samsung Galaxy SIII still claims to be a Smartphone with a great design and display. As Samsung has earned a reputation of delivering some of the best Android devices, Galaxy SIII definitely needs a mention here.
What defines the Smartphone is its 4.8 inch display that supports a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. It is a Super AMOLED display from Samsung and offers deeper black and vibrant colors for a smart display.
The device’s 8 MP rear camera also holds some notable features like, a bunch of filters and modes including a panorama option for great landscape pictures.
On the whole Galaxy SIII is a feature rich device which has made it one of the best Smartphones for the year 2012 adding great reputation the South Korean Mobile maker.

#1. HTC One X

Launch Price:  37,899
Current price: 28,800

This Smartphone is known for its good screen, stunning design, powerful processor and quality camera. Most of all Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich is that which has taken HTC to the next level of Smartphones.
The Smartphone’s unibody design has been a great feature, apart from  the 4.7 inch screen with Super IPS LCD 2 technology. The device’s Tegra 3 processor is clocked at a speed of 1.5GHz, along with 1GB of RAM, which together make the Smartphone respond actively under the command of your fingers.
HTC One’s 8 MP camera allows to create so many varied styles of photos, using the raw power of the quad core processor to good effect.
With all good features bundled in one go, it is obvious that the Smartphone HTC One X is still an expected one even today.