Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 5 Free Antivirus For Android Smartphones

By SheebaSudeep

Android users who randomly and widely  install every app from third party vendors have a misconception  that Smartphones are unreachable to viruses. But the truth is, popularity of Android  has paved way to security threats, including spread of common malwares to phishing viruses that steal IDs and passwords from the device. Many security software companies are already selling antivirus apps at a price. However, as it goes with Android apps, anything that comes at a cost is often forgotten!

But there are also a set of free security apps available, which perfectly   takes  are of sealing the loopholes in your Smartphone with security suites and anti-theft capabilities. Here is a list of five free and best ones.

#5. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

TrustGo antivirus  is a free and simple app that protects your Smartphone  that comes with anti-theft tools and top- notch malware protection accompanied by an interesting app certification system, providing more detailed  information about apps before you download them.

It takes care of the thefts by  removing  the viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans and any vulnerable application that can steal data from your device.

The interesting device protection and data backup features in this app allows you to Lock the phone, set off an alarm, or securely wipe data and personal information remotely, in case you lose the device. It even takes a snapshot of the suspect and sends it to your email.

#4 Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile security is another free application that marks its presence in market due to  in class anti-malware engine along with utilities to protect your data, privacy and device.


The app comes with an additional advantage that will allow you to check the health of your device after you set it up. Once the scanning is done, the results will be displayed under three categories namely dangerous, pending and secure and will instruct you about the proceedings.


It has an awesomeprocess manager that will  kill the unwanted tasks, and alsotakes charge of  traffic monitoring and call and SMS blocking options. The App protector helps you to lock the apps for your privacy and finally there is an anti theft feature which will send the location of your phone to another defined number which you can set , triggers an alarm, block the phone remotely and also wipe the data. It will also accept an SMS command that will activate the front camera and send the picture of the man who possesses the device to your email.Simply Superb! Click Here to download Comodo mobile security for your SmartPhone.

#3 Lookout Mobile Security


Lookout Mobile Security is one of the first security apps that came into the Android platform. Once the installation is over, the app will  scan your device for malicious files and malware automatically. It  ensures that  the apps you are about update doesn’t contain any virus.


The app  has options to take backup of  your contacts to Lookout account and  enable to share it on multiple devices if you are possessing any. Other options  include the ability to locate the phone even if GPS is turned off, in case the device is lost. However, it doesn’t support advanced  other options like use of SMS to locate the  lost device and the holder information.

The app has a beautiful interface and it won’t drain off the device’s RAM when in use. The usual memory usage is found to be 14 to 15 MB. Even though the utilities like remote lock, data wipe and privacy adviser works only with the paid versions, it has a trial period of 15. days.Click here for free Download of Lookout.

#2 Avast! Mobile Security

Avast, which  carries a long tradition of protecting the desktops and laptops from virus has extended its services into the mobile platform with this free app. The icon which appears on the notification tray after installation can be pressed to activate and deactivate the real time protection.


The privacy adviser of the app will check and list every harmful privacy issues that pops up while installing a new app. The “Shield Control” feature of the app protects you from infected links, SMSs.


The Firewall feature of this app is a boon to the user. On activation, it disables all the internet connections via wi-fi, 3G or 2G, thereby helping you from additional charges and preventing apps from automatically updating itself while roaming.


The anti-theft function of this software has a stealth mode, which will hide the anti-theft feature from an intruder’s eye and has a set of SMS codes to trigger alarm, data-wiping, remote locking and so on. Click here for free donload of Avast.


#1 Sophos Security and Antivirus


 Sophos ,is the first mobile security application from SophosLabs, which comes with the most minimalistic home screen.

The screen has only four parts: Scanner, Loss & Theft, Security Advisor and the Privacy Advisor. Like the other security apps, it is inbuilt with othe features like scan Apps, scan SD card, USB drive and also a “Cloud Scan Mode,” which will update all the information from Sopho’s cloud infrastructure on the malicious Android apps.


The privacy advisor comes with interesting feature. It lists all apps under three categories namely Apps that may cause costs, Apps that may harm your privacy and Apps that may access the internet. You can set them accordingly.


Once installed, the app work in a silent mode without effecting any other running applications, which means you cannot enable or disable it with a button. However, it uses less resources; i.e the Ram usage is very low.


Adding to it, the app offers all anti-theft tools for free.Click here to try a free trial of Sophos